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Synergy announces operational results for the 4Q 2016 and full Y2016

02.02.2017PJSC Synergy (MOEX: SYNG), the leading distilled spirits producer in Russia, reports that its sales for the 4Q 2016 increased by 18%

PJSC Synergy (MOEX: SYNG), the leading distilled spirits producer in Russia, reports that its sales for the 4Q 2016 increased by 18% and amounted 3,847 thousand decalitres comparing to 3,268 thousand decalitres reported in 4Q 2015. Sales for full Y2016 increased by 18% and amounted to 11,622 thousand decalitres comparing to 9,870 thousand decalitres declared in 2015.

In Y2016 import volume of partner’s brands  exclusively distributed by Synergy considerably increased. In 4Q 2016 this indicator showed 254 thousand decalitres, which is 34% higher than in  4Q Y2015. Total volume of Synergy’s import operations reached the amount of 665 thousand decalitres, which is 44% higher than in Y2015.

Commenting on the operational results, CEO of Synergy, Alexander Mechetin said: “Following the results of a year the Group has shown considerable positive dynamics of operational indicators. The major factors affected sales increase of the Company become: the State efforts directed to suppression of illegal producers activities, stabilization of the Unified State Automated Information System work in a wholesale and retail chain, pro-active job’s done by Synergy’s team.

In 2016 the Company continued to effectively develop its own brand portfolio: successfully debuted the Snow Crab vodka, which doesn't have any analogs in Russia on the matter of taste; the USURI bitters are started in production; the line of Captain is extended by new brandies and whisky.

Among other success it should be noted the unique project of the flagman Beluga brand. The limited Beluga Epicure by Lalique series – cooperative result of noble Russian Beluga vodka and legendary French producer of crystal and jewelry Lalique.

Other significant project of the last year became unprecedented for the industry collaboration with Bacardi company on William Lawson’s whisky production at the plant of the Group - "The Quality Traditions". Also our import distribution dynamically raised which quantitative and qualitative indicators continuously grow. Particularly sales of premium Spanish Torres brandy grew by 3,5 times, popular Ron Barcelo rum by 2,5 times – both brands take the 3rd place on the Russian market in the categories. The Company also showed a considerable surplus of wine sales for 70%.

Export business of Synergy also successfully developed with focus on geography and quality of distribution. So, for the last year good results were shown by the market of Europe, in particular sales grew in Germany, Italy, France. Explosive growth happened on the market of Israel - sales of Company’s products grew up by 10 times in a year. Our business positions continue to become stronger in the USA throughout cooperation with the new large distributive companies.

In summary I’d like to note that that Synergy with optimism looks forward and will continue to react flexibly and timely to market changes, using the weighed approach to production and sales operations, offering to consumer high-quality products on an optimal price.Concentration of efforts on the profitable and effective directions of business, will allow the Company to keep leadership, using at the same time all market benefits which are in its arsenal".

About Synergy, Co

PJSC Synergy is the leading diversified spirits group in Russia. The Company`s strategic focus lays on production and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Synergy is #1 Russian independent importer of spirits. Synergy possesses its own distributional platform, ensuring the largest possible market coverage, and diversified portfolio of federal brands, addressing market demands across the full spectrum of price points, from the low-middle to the super-premium price segments.  

The Company`s federal brand portfolio includes super-premium vodka Beluga, premium vodka Veda, sub-premuim vodkas Myagkov and Russky Lyod, middle vodka Belenkaya, low-middle vodka Gosudarev Zakaz and brandy Zolotoy Reserv. The Company operates seven spirits production plants and one of the largest distributional platform in Russia. Synergy is the exclusive distributor of one of the global premium spirits producer William Grant & Sons, representing in Russia such brands as Scottish whisky Glenfiddich, Grant’s, Clan McGregor, The Balvenie, gin Hendrick’s and Irish whisky Tullamore Dew. In addition to this, the Company distributes also the products of  French house of Camus cognac. Also the imported portfolio of Synergy includes Barcelo rum, Torres brandy, Milagro tequila, brandy "Yerevan Traditional" and the balms line of Latvijas balzams.

The combination of strong portfolio of brands, strong production base and developed sales system supports Synergy`s competitive advantages and profound organic growth year on year.


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OJSC “Synergy”

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