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24.10.2008According to the chairman of the OJSC «Synergia» board Alexander Mechetin, the financial crisis will lead to acceleration of the Russian alcohol market consolidation and to decrease in its premiumization rates. He considers that «consolidation processes in the branch will be accelerated, and a lot of small manufacturers will not be able to survive». Mechetin said that «the wide and a well balanced portfolio of brands will help „Synergy“ in this situation». Interfax.
21.10.2008«Synergia» vodka manufacturer increased the net profit in the first half of 2008 by 49% up to 567 million rubles. Year to date, the company’s shares lost about 30% in quotations.
07.10.2008Currently Russian producers of spirits have spent a few million dollars annually for modernization of manufacturing. In fact, these funds were invested to marketing mainly: only filling line equipment was modernized, allowing to produce new vodka package, whilst even key industry players still use equipment manufactured in the 1970-s for production of vodka itself.
02.10.2008The Russian vodka-manufacturing company «Synergia» disclosed the details of its cognac-production plans. According to the chairman of the company’s board Alexander Mechetin, who was interviewed by RBC daily, next year «Synergia» will spend USD 10 million on introduction of two cognac brands in the mass and low-premium segments. At that, it’s quite possible that the company will not be confined with cognac production on own facilities only and will sign the distilling contracts with other Russian companies. By 2012 «Synergia» plans to reach the annual production volume of cognac of 1 million dekalitres, which is one tenths from the current capacity of the Russian cognacs market.
01.10.2008According to the company’s statement, following the results of the first half-year the revenue increased by 55% and constituted 7.2 milliard rubles, gross profit rose by 81% (up to 2.581 milliard rubles), EBITDA — by 51% (up to 1.084 milliard rubles). Net profit in the reported period increased by 49% and constituted 567 million rubles, net profit per share grew by 40% up to 39.17 rubles per share (IFRS).
24.09.2008In the first half-year the Russian vodka production sector saw a company with a market share exceeding 10%. «Russian Alcohol» took 10.9% of market in monetary terms. Experts think that it witnesses the strengthened processes of consolidation in the sector. The top ten Russian vodka producers can reach over 50% coverage of legal market of vodka in 2008, but the sector consolidation can be completed only after the worldwide vodka giants enter the market.
18.07.2008According to official documents of the company the net profit of OJSC Synergia in 2007 acc. to IFRS increased by 30% as compared with 2006 and amounted to 896 million rubles.
14.07.2008Another psychologically important level of 2,500 points acc. to RTSI remains unachieved. Despite stiff resistance of bulls bears won in the market yesterday.
10.06.2008Synergia started production of Myagkov brand vodka at the factory «Traditsii Kachestva (Quality Traditions) in the town of Krasnoznamensk. Within a month all other facilities will start producing Myagkov. Production volume will amount to 100 thousand deciliters in June and 1.6 million deciliters by the end of the year. Synergia announced that it had bought Myagkov brand (rights in all countries where it is registered including Russia and Ukraine) and the Trading House Myagkov from the Ukrainian corporation «Overline» at the end of March for approximately $80 millions (see the Kommersant of March 26).
10.06.2008Alcohol manufacturer Synergia started producing Myagkov brand at the factory «Traditsii kachestva» (Quality Traditions) in the town of Krasnoznamensk. In June it is planned to produce 100,000 deciliters. In the course of June other factories of Synergia will also start producing Myagkov. By the end of 2008 it is planned to produce more than 1.6 million deciliters of Myagkov vodka.