Zolotoy rezerv

Golden Reserve brandy is a product of both the centuries long traditions of Frances brandy masters and combines modern technologies of the twenty-first century. The best cognac grains are selected with careful nuances of blending, arrived at through long experience, are the basis of Golden Reserve. Its deep, fresh taste and attractive, enduring aroma are obtained by using French cognac grains and, thanks to its 5 years cask-aging process, Golden Reserve has become one of the most popular brands in Russia.

Golden Reserve has only been available for two years, but has developed considerably over this period: its recipe has changed; its subsequent variety «portfolio» has broadened. Sales have increased as a result — in 2011 they were 73 percent higher than compared to 2010.

Amazingly, Synergy captured approximately 4 percent of the Russian brandy market in 2011 and thus became a leading company in this segment overnight. In the first quarter of 2012 about 500, 000 units of Golden Reserve were sold, 50 percent of the entire 2011 return.

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