Veda is modern high class vodka, produced by a combination of traditional technologies and the unique «double ice filtering» method. This is what distinguishes Veda from all other brands. Synergy launched production of the premium vodka Veda in 2004, and thanks to the dynamic growth of the brand and the adoption of a proper strategy for success, Veda became the second most popular premium vodka within three years.

Customers consider «Veda» to be an innovation product, made possible through the use of the most modern technologies. That’s why the company has created the separate Hi-End category for «Veda» — vodka of the highest quality. Veda is now produced in some of most modern and technologically advanced factories in Russia, such as the Mariinsky Liqueur-Vodka plant in Siberia, owned by the Synergy Company.

Veda is available in the following formats: 0.5 liters/0.75 liter/1 liters and Veda Black 0.5 liters/0.75 liters.

  • 0,7 л.
    0,7 л.
  • Black 0,5 л.
    Black 0,5 л.
  • Black 0,7 л.
    Black 0,7 л.
  • 0,5 л.
    0,5 л.