Marketing takes a special and important place in the operational activities of the Company, and is also one of its main competencies.

Synergy sets itself the goal of maintaining and improving its market position through increasing consumer interest in national and local brands.
An important focus of the work directed towards retaining the Company’s leading positions is product management this is a constant search for new design decisions, an improvement of the technical characteristics of the product components.

The Company’s most material investments are in the promotion of its national brands, such as Beluga Gold Line and Beluga Classic, Myagkov, Russky Lyod, Belenkaya and Gosudarev Zakaz which are positioned in super-premium, sub-premium, middle and low-middle price segments, respectively. Most of the marketing focus is on strategic brands such as Beluga, Myagkov and Belenkaya.

Synergy uses a wide range of marketing tools such as trade marketing activity in the points of sale, organization of product tasting. Synergy also uses trade marketing to increase interest in the brands among the distributors of the main national and local retail chains as well as HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and cafes), brand restyling. The combination of these methods varies depending on the brand and price segment in which it is represented.

International Marketing- Beluga

The super premium vodka, Beluga, has significant potential for expansion both in Russia and abroad.
With each passing year it attracts more and more followers. For achievement of maximum accuracy in positioning and brand perception, the Company carefully studies and selects marketing instruments and channels of implementation. The brand’s name, BELUGA, references the fish by the same name and black caviar- an exclusive, world-famous Russian delicacy. Beluga’s image is tied to the slogan, «liberty of luxury," and this is an image that is encompassed by yacht regattas, polo, and art and charity functions.