TIGROFF vodka was first produced in the Far East in 2007. This bright, energetic and masculine product immediately achieved good sale results at home and became a very popular brand abroad.

Our customers are not people who look for easy ways out, shortcuts, who take the path of least resistance; they are not ones for turning back. They are the people who in any life situation look the truth straight in the eye. They bravely go forward and take any obstacle as a challenge and test of their strength.

The unique blend, and stylish design of TIGROFF, and our strict understanding of discriminating customer needs, have allowed for this brand to become popular all over Russia in the shortest period of time.

  • White 0.5 l
    White 0.5 l
  • 0.5 l
    0.5 l
  • Ginseng 0.5 l
    Ginseng 0.5 l