Russky Lyod

Russky Lyod (Russian Ice) is a right vodka for real men with strong Russian character.

Russky Lyod is a Russian patriotic vodka. It’s a drink for those who believe in our motherland and is proud of its victories — modern ones as well as those in our glorious history. Victories that could be peaceful as well as military. Victories in sports, in economy, in arts and culture. Russky Lyod is a vodka for those live and work for modern and successful Russia and take proud in being part of it.

The design of Russky Lyod’s bottle using a picture of Ice Battle (1242) where Russian army defeated Teutonian order. The picture is copied from medieval chronicle and supports the patriotic positioning of Russky Lyod

Russky Lyod has a strong taste of real vodka due to the Lux class spirits and special multi-level filtration technology. At the final stages of preparation it goes through the system of silver and gold filters.

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