Medvejyi Ugol


Medvejyi Ugol is domestic vodka produced at the Mariinsky factory. It is distributed throughout Russia and has conquered one region after another. This has made it possible to broaden its manufacture to other factories belonging to the Group. Medvejyi Ugol has a serious possibility of becoming one of leaders of its segment of the Russian market.

The production of Medvejyi Ugol combines long traditions of vodka preparation with the use of innovative modern components.

Medvejyi Ugol has a soft taste and attractive aroma. The taste is achieved by the use of lime flowers and cinnamon, and the attractive aroma results from the incorporation of honey and orange oil. Crystal clean water is used, taken from deep wells in the Siberian taiga. This water undergoes additional many layered filtration and is combined with high quality «Deluxe» alcohol.

The high quality and unique product is underlined by the bright eye-catching natural design, the feeling out of which is strengthened by the unique shape of the bottle and designer label, which is achieved with the «microcongrev» processes.

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