Series 03 * Series BО-01 **
State registration code 4-03-55052-Е dated 11.09.2008 4В02-01-55052-Е dated 24.08.2010
Listing   А 2
Ratings   B/RR4 Fitch Ratings
Trading code RU000A0JQA82 RU000A0JR2G2
ISIN code RU000A0JQA82 RU000A0JR2G2
Volume at par RUB 2.5 bln. RUB 3 bln.
Value of one bond at par RUB 1 000 RUB 1 000
Number of papers in the issuance 2 500 000 3 000 000
Placement date 24.08.2009 07.10.2010
Maturity date 18.08.2014 03.10.2013
Original maturity 1820 days 1092 days
Original number of coupons ten six
Coupon period 182 days 182 days
Payment schedule link link
Bond details on link link
Originator VTB MDM-Bank
Emission In circulation In circulation


* Interest bearing non-convertible bonds to bearer with mandatory centralized emission paper certificate
** Documentary interest-bearing non-convertible stock bearer bonds with mandatory centralized custody, with the option of early redemption at the request of the owners of exchange bonds