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Socially responsible human resources policy

The employees of Synergy are a guarantee of the Company’s future performance. That is why an ethical and socially responsible human resources policy is a key priority for the Company. Motivation of the staff, objective assessments of the professional contributions of each employee, continuous training and the creation of conditions for the self-realization of specialists are among the main goals of the personnel policy.

Particular attention is paid in the Company to improving the quality of life for its employees and their families. Benefits associated with the protection of health are provided to both the production staff and office personnel. In the production plants, professional medical examinations are given to staff twice each year. The office staff is provided with a voluntary health insurance program. In addition, staff members and their families are provided with recreational benefits. In particular, once a year coworkers can receive treatment in a sanatorium at the Company’s expense, as well as send their children to sanitariums or children’s summer camps. The company encourages its employees’ desires to follow healthier lifestyles.

At Synergy, the principle of equal opportunities has been implemented, and the Company guarantees employees freedom from any discrimination. The Company closely monitors staff promotions to ensure that career advancement is always the result of productivity gains, higher business skills and experience. Recruitment and promotion are carried out without regard to gender, age, national origin, religion, political opinions or membership in voluntary associations. All government standards for employer-employee relationship are strictly adhered to. The business culture supported by the Company is based on mutual respect of all staff, and excludes any form of harassment of coworkers.