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Social and charitable activities

Year after year, Synergy keeps increasing its participation in projects aimed at social support in the regions where its enterprises are located. The company strives to undertake systematic charitable activities through an integrated approach to solving social problems, in cooperation with local authorities. In providing assistance to the neediest members of society, the Company does not seek to promote its own products through charitable work.

None of these projects are used for informational or promotional purposes. In addition, Synergy takes all necessary measures to ensure that any assistance given to minors never becomes associated with the alcohol brands of the Company.

Year after year, the Company carefully considers requests for assistance it receives from families with children who need urgent medical attention. Thanks to Synergy funding, several medical operations have been successfully carried out, which helped not only restore the health of children, but also became the key to their social adaptation and gave them an opportunity to live a full life.
The Company also pays considerable attention to providing support for large families in the regions, acquiring for them necessary household items. Assistance is also given to orphanages, boarding schools, and urban hospitals.

For example, in the Kemerovo Region, the Company provides funds to implement various programs to support children, under the auspices of the regional government. The Company also provides direct assistance to veterans in different regions of the country.

In addition to targeted assistance, Synergy actively participates in the All-Russia Public Organization «Business Russia», which focuses on giving support to orphans and large families, taking care of raising kids from children’s homes and orphanages. In addition to the organizational help provided to this program, the Company on a regular basis transfers funds to the bank account of «Business Russia», which are then used to purchase toys, medicines, clothes, books, and many other things needed by children and their adoptive families. For this assistance, the Company was awarded a «Public Recognition» Diploma.