Alcohol and Society

Synergy, one of the leaders in the Russian alcoholic beverages market, in its activities promoting its alcohol brands always strives to set an example to the entire market of what socially responsible marketing should be. The promotion and distribution of the Company’s products are aimed solely at adult consumers, and take into account the risks associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

The Company carries out marketing activities in full compliance with the Russian legislation, and advertises only through channels permitted by the law. In addition to the requirements of regulatory agencies, the Company has developed its own system of standards for the responsible use of alcohol and consumer information, based on the recommendations and guidelines of international organizations such as the European Forum for Responsible Drinking and the European Council.

In its marketing activities, Synergy does not promote alcohol consumption, but rather informs adult consumers about their products, so that they can make an informed choice in favor of a particular brand. In addition, Synergy has initiated a wider dissemination of informational materials about the negative consequences of excessive drinking. For example, in 2007 the Company developed and approved its own medium-term advocacy program called «The Responsible Use of Alcohol». The main objectives of this project are to prevent alcohol use among minors, explaining the potential harm of alcoholic beverages to certain groups of consumers (pregnant women, persons suffering from diseases of the central nervous system, etc.), prevention of accidents associated with driving while intoxicated.

The company regularly conducts information campaigns for distributors, responsible for the promotion of its products in retail outlets. In addition to compliance with the law and stricter internal corporate standards, Synergy is actively involved in the formation of industry standards for responsible marketing. Company specialists are involved in the development of such standards through Synergy’s membership in the Union of Alcoholic Beverage Producers (SPAP).