Synergy’s strategic goal is to win a leading position in the Russian strong alcoholic beverages market. In addition to that, one of the company’s tasks is to achieve the most widespread international recognition and awareness of the Beluga brand.

Thanks to organic growth and targeted transactions in the merger and acquisition spheres (M&A), the company plans to occupy 20-25% of the legal vodka market in Russia. As of today, the company manages a balanced portfolio of federal brands that covers all price categories. The company aims to increase its profitability by premiumizing the sales of alcoholic beverages, as well as to expand its presence in most major premium categories of the spirits market in Russia.

The development strategy that followed by the company allows us to continually improve overall efficiency, optimize production costs, and systematically expand sales in market. Besides, the company is looking at strengthening its distribution system by selectively adding global international brands to its distribution portfolio, which will enhance the company’s operational efficiency.