Marketing and consumer informing

As uncontrolled use of alcoholic beverages is connected with the certain risk of grave diseases, Synergy, Co. considers marketing of distilled spirits should be responsible. Company’s promotion and distribution of its products is targeted only on the adult buyer and is conducted with due consideration of all the aspects of excessive use of alcohol.

In its marketing activities Synergy, Co. concentrates its efforts not on the alcohol consumption idea, but on the offering the high quality products to the adult consumers, who have already made, or are just planning to make an informed choice of one of the Company’s brands. Synergy, Co. conducts its marketing with accordance to the Russian Law. The Company also closely cooperates with Federal agency of alcohol market regulation, where implementing common initiatives leaded toward inscrease of general culture of spirits consumption and forming civilized cooperation between all of market participants.

The Company also considers buyers have the right to be duly informed on the implications of alcoholic beverages, including risks they may cause to the health. Therefore all advertising and information about Synergy’s distilled spirits products obligatory contain data not only on the ingredients, lifetime and date of production, but also that uncontrolled use thereof may cause harm to the health.

Moreover, Synergy, Co. became an active supporter of the wider promotion of the information materials, elaborating on the negative consequence of excessive use of alcohol. Thus, in 2007 the Company developed and approved its own corporate social responsibility program “Common standards of responsible drinking”. Among the main aims the project are the following: prevention of alcohol use by non-adults, informing on the possible risks for the certain group of consumers (pregnant women, persons with CNS diseases, etc.), prevention of car accidents caused by drinking-and-driving.

Unified standards of corporate social responsibility of Synergy JSC in the field of responsible consumption of alcohol and providing information to customers, [pdf, 88 Kb]