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Professional organizations

The company is directly participating in processes related to formation of a civilized market of alcohol products in Russia and is after transparent business activities.

Synergy's representatives are members of  Public and Expert Council made by  Federal agency of alcohol market regulation. Thus the Company in cooperation with state takes a part in mostly important decisions development towarded into constructive regulation of national spirits market.

Synergy is a participant of one of the leading professional industry organizations of the RF – Union of Manufacturers of Alcohol Products (UMAP). Within the framework of this Union’s activities the company expresses along with other market participants a consolidated point of view of the branch about its development, improvement of regulation mechanisms, creation of equal conditions for successful activities of all legal players of the branch.

Federal agency of alcohol market regulation

Federal executive authority which is carrying out functions on development and realization of a state policy in the sphere of production and a turn of alcoholic and alcohol-containing production.

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Union of Manufacturers of Alcohol Products (UMAP)  

Union of Manufacturers of Alcohol Products was established by largest Russian spirit, liquor and vodka manufacturers. Aggregate production volume of the Union members is about half of the total market volume.

Union’s main task is to provide support to the state’s efforts in its struggle with the shadow turnover of alcohol products. Union members are of the opinion that the social value of alcohol products requires permanent state control and alcohol market regulation. In the present situation the following measures are required: establishment of a single excise rate for all types of spirit, alcohol and alcohol-containing products for all manufacturers without any allowances, securing by warrant of excise payment, and reduction of the excise rate. Union members are positive that complex actions can eliminate a shadow alcohol market, provide for reliable control over the products quality, and a hundred percent receipt of excises to the state budget.

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