One of the company's strategic goals is to expand its own market share in Russia, which is currently estimated at 15% of the total volume of Russian strong alcoholic beverages market. The Russian vodka market is central to Synergy.

With vodka consumption volume of 168 million deciliters per year (according to the Euromonitor International Agency in 2010), Russia is one of the largest vodka markets in the world – 3.5 times larger than the vodka consumption market in the USA and 18 times greater than the UK market. Vodka is the largest category of strong alcoholic beverages in Russia, and this drink accounts for more than 70% of alcohol consumption. Today’s three major market trends are legalization, consolidation and premiumization.

The United States of America is one of our priority foreign markets. The USA, by virtue of the significant consumption in the super-premium segment vodka, represents a strategic export market to our company. Synergy has its own regional office in this country that, with the help of local distributors, oversees all the operations. Besides the USA, the company successfully sells its products in nearly all European countries (actively making use the Duty Free and HORECA channels), a number of countries in the Middle East and Asia, as well as in many CIS countries. The total volume of company export operations increased by 42% in 2011.