1998 — Synergy is founded

The company initially focused on food products from the Far East. It purchased manufacturing plants and optimized business processes to increase the effectiveness of production.


The company became a main shareholder of Usuriysky Balsam, an important alcohol producer in Primorksy Krai. From henceforth Synergy concentrates on the production of strong alcoholic beverages and this becomes its main strategic direction.

Between 2002 and 2007 Synergy becomes a significant player in the Russian alcohol market. It increases its production, purchases manufacturing plants in different regions of the Russian Federation, builds its national distribution network and invests in the creation and development of a portfolio of its own brands. During this period the company became one of the most dynamically developed players on the alcohol market.


Synergy becomes the first alcohol company to issue an IPO, initial public offering, being at that time the only publicly-quoted Russian alcohol manufacturer. In this year the company became one of the three largest Russian manufacturers of vodka and liqueur beverages.


«Synergy» begins to develop its export arm: it successfully introduces duty free BELUGA vodka into markets in Europe, the CIS, Central Asia and the Pacific region. It also opens a representative office in the USA.


Aside from the effective development of the own brands, the company attracts to its own portfolio world famous and popular trade marks for distribution. In 2011 the «Synergy» concludes exclusive distributor agreement with the company William Grant & Sons one of the global leaders in the production of the premium alcohol, and in 2012 the portfolio of exclusively distributed brands is filled with the line of world famous brandy (cognac) house Camus.

Synergy is now one of the largest companies on the Russian alcohol market, with over 8,000 talented employees, and its products are found in more than 50 countries.