The geographic extent of Synergy operations is extremely broad. The company’s interests are located both within the Russian Federation and abroad. 

Synergy owns and operates seven spirits production plants strategically dispersed across Russia and located in the largest Russian federal districts, including the Central, Far Eastern, North Western, Privolzhsky and Siberian districts. The number of distilleries and their geographical diversification provide additional savings to the company, in terms of logistics, as well as the reduction of technological and operational risks in the production activities of the enterprise.

The company’s distribution system covers all seven federal districts of Russia, with the geographic distribution of its network being divided into two parts: the West and the East. Synergy uses its own sales staff, warehouse facilities  and vehicles fleet to deliver products directly to retailers in those regions where the company’s distillery plants are located.

Besides the national markets, the company also operates in internationally, in such countries as the United States, Great Britain, in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the CIS countries.